cheap fifa coins :Their World Cup madness
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cheap fifa coins
:Their World Cup madness

First, crazy naked for the World Cup. Recently, the strip naked to become a hot topic in the World Cup, Chile celebrate naked anchorwoman said that if the country won, of course, it is almost always impossible to see this beautiful woman promises, because Chile national team's strength is not enough to win the World Cup fifa coins But Maradona was different, Argentina beat Korea, we see the old horse "body" one step closer, while South Africa's first hat-trick scorer Gonzalo higuain girlfriend also promised that if Argentina win would strip naked ... ...

In addition, the contests more fans were in the stands, if not South Africa is now the coldest winter, believes fans will be wearing even less. Goal's players may not be as afraid of the cold, several goal hero chosen Strip celebrated way to give vent to passion ... ... Four, I bumped into Uruguay, Korea's crazy head. 22:00 on June 26, Beijing time, South Africa World Cup one-eighth-finals first match at Port Elizabeth's Elizabeth Stadium, both sides are 1th tournament group a Uruguay team and the 2nd place in Group b of the Korea team. But in the end, Uruguay team with Luis Suarez scored two 2:1 eliminated Korea team became the first team to advance to the top 8, Korea were sorry to bid farewell to the World Cup media team crazy spoof game five, mysterious North Korea. Beijing time at 22:00 the evening of June 25, 2010, final round of World Cup Group g match, North Korea 0-3 defeat in Côte d ' Ivoire, but the Panel at the bottom. Germany Bild revealed: "after a heavy defeat, North Korean players will likely be delegated to dig coal. ”